About Kirkland Mining Company

KIRKLAND MINING COMPANY (KMC) is a family-owned enterprise that has owned the Kirkland claims and adjacent property for many years and has spent the last five years investing in and planning to mine the High Quality Pozzolan (HQP) deposit known as the Kirkland Mine.

OUR VISION is for KMC to lead a broad movement to an environment where natural minerals, in their simplest forms, return to being the most dominant types of building and processing materials in the world. We believe the unique quality of our material, our team and our plan will allow us to lead that change.

OUR MISSION is to continually employ the best practices available in safety, environmental and operational management to unlock the maximum value of the unique Kirkland Pozzolan material while imparting the smallest and most responsible impact on our land, our people and our communities along the way.

OWNERSARETA ZOUVAS, the daughter of KMC’s founder, has worked since 2013 to evaluate the Kirkland HQP material and explore its use in various markets. Areta’s track record as a successful businesswoman and her passion for building long term value in Kirkland will ensure this project is a success. To be closer to the site and her team, Areta moved to the Phoenix-area in 2016 and plans to make Kirkland her primary residence in the near future to oversee the project once operations begin.

PETER and ANNE ZOUVAS, Areta’s parents, are the sole owners of KMC and have been the sole source of funding for the maintenance of mining claims and the development and permitting efforts of the KMC project to date.

GOING FORWARDKMC’S EXPERIENCED TEAM of experts has developed a business model which integrates the unique opportunities presented by the Kirkland HQP deposit. Best practices will enhance the local and state economy while setting a high standard as a good corporate neighbor.

TEAMTO ENSURE FIRST CLASS delivery of mine planning, development and operation, Ms. Zouvas has assembled a sizeable team of credible, experienced partners and consultants to assist her. This includes support in:

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYKMC WILL EMPLOY best management practices in all safety, environmental and operational endeavors. Our project will be permitted, operated and reclaimed in a manner that reflects our respect for our team members, our environment and our local communities.

KMC is committed to the progressive business philosophy that acknowledges bottom line financial return is not the only goal, nor measure of success, of any company. At KMC, we seek to balance our:

The foundation of this thinking in the natural resource industry is an understanding of the importance of public acceptance to our success. We fully recognize that support from the public and an ongoing reputation as a good corporate neighbor will be critical to achieving all of the long term goals of the company.


In 1958, the quarry was leased to Capital Quarries to provide dimensioned stone for construction of the Arizona State Capitol Building. In 1979, the “Kitty Litter Mine” began shipping oil absorbent material. In late 1980s the mine was closed, the equipment was removed, and an estimated 45,000-ton stockpile from that operation has remained since.

In 1991 Kirkland Mining Company was developed to determine the “highest and best” use of the mineral deposit under the claims. Shortly thereafter, a 100,000 ton sales contract was executed with the BLM, including an accepted mining plan of operation and environmental assessment, for material intended to be used as oil absorbent in the cleanup one of the largest oil spills in our country’s history.

In 2012, as the shortage of fly ash (man-made pozzolan) supply for the concrete industry became increasingly evident, the studies on the effectiveness of the Kirkland HQP as a natural pozzolan began.

In 2013, Arizona State University analyzed the potential use of the Kirkland HQP as a fly ash alternative. Through advanced testing, it was determined the HQP (a chalky, off-white material) located on the KMC claims could reliably be used to complement or replace the use of fly ash in concrete. [MORE ABOUT NATURAL POZZOLANS]

In 2016, KMC certified, through third party resource and geology evaluation reports, that the Kirkland deposit includes more than 39 million tons of HQP reserves on just 76 acres of the 320 acre claim block.

In 2017, BLM made the determination that the HQP found in the Capital Claim met the standard of a locatable Uncommon Variety mineral not subject to the Common Varieties Act.

In 2018, BLM approved a mining and reclamation plan to mine 23 million tons of HQP from 88 acres within the mining claim block during a 40-year mine life.

CONTACT USTHE KMC SITE INCLUDES many areas of previous mining activity, along with adjacent privately-owned land. For the safety of everyone, individuals should never access the site without escort by an appropriate KMC representative. Please call ahead to arrange site visits or tours.

Arizona Office: 480-209-1103

Email: feedback@kirklandmining.com

Mailing Address: PO Box 326  •   Kirkland, AZ 86332

Physical Address: 7855 S. Iron Springs Road, Skull Valley, AZ 86338   •   [Map]

Crystal Blackmore, Director of Community Relations: crystal@kirklandmining.com